Citizenship of Ukraine

  • Ability to obtain a biometric passport ID;
  • Possibility of unimpeded entry and exit to EU countries;
  • The right to a free plot of land on the territory of Ukraine;
  • Possibility of education in Ukraine;
  • The possibility of formal employment and business registration.

How it works?

  • Order of the service on-line;
  • Getting legal advice and analysis of documents;
  • Formation and submission of a full package of documents to the Migration Service of Ukraine;
  • Guaranteed receipt Citizenship of Ukraine;

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Conditional service price for obtain Citizenship of Ukraine – from 5000 UAH;

Conditional dates – 12 month;

Expert opinion:

Obtaining Ukrainian citizenship is one of the priority areas of activity of the migration department of PRIKHODKO&PARTNERS. The experts of our company will help you to get citizenship of Ukraine quickly and easily.

With the entry into force of a visa-free regime between Ukraine and the European Union, the acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship becomes an increasingly popular option in the field of migration. The opportunities offered by our country and the prospect of free travel to European countries attract a huge number of foreign citizens.

The procedure for obtaining the citizenship of Ukraine for foreigners and persons without citizenship contains dozens of nuances that are not visible to the armed eye. Without the help of professionals and experts in the field of migration law, this procedure can extend for many years.

To facilitate and speed up the process, you will need to use the services of professional lawyers to get advice and collect the necessary documents.

If any documents were received in a foreign state, they require legalization with the help of apostille or consular legalization and the subsequent notarial translation into the Ukrainian language.

There are opportunities and possibilities regulated by the law for fast receipt of the Ukrainian passport. Such as – the territorial origin or the return to the citizenship of Ukraine. In the case of other grounds for obtaining, the process takes more time and is more complicated

It is also necessary to confirm from the migration service the fact of the uninterrupted stay on the territory of Ukraine within a certain time conditioned by the category of obtaining citizenship of Ukraine.

Depending on the category and basis for receiving, the number and the list of documents may vary.

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Procedure for obtaining Citizenship of Ukraine

After collecting and submitting all necessary documents, consideration of your application for the citizenship of Ukraine goes through several stages:

  • checking documents immediately upon submission;
  • check for compliance with Ukrainian law for 2 weeks;
  • transfer of documents to the regional department of the migration service;
  • the transfer of documents to a special commission of which the final decision is taken.
Conditions for obtaining Ukrainian CitizenshipGrounds for obtaining Citizenship of UkraineDocuments for citizenship of UkraineWho can not obtain Ukrainian citizenship?
  • recognition of the Constitution of Ukraine;
  • continuous residence in the territory of the state for at least five years (2 years in the case of marriage with a citizen of Ukraine);
  • certificate of free knowledge of the Ukrainian language;
  • availability of funds for own maintenance;
  • legal stay on the territory of Ukraine;
  • the presence of an immigration permit or a permanent residence permit;
  • willingness to renounce the citizenship of your country;
  • absence of convictions for grave and especially grave crimes.
  • territorial origin;
  • birth in Ukraine;
  • admission to the citizenship of Ukraine;
  • restoration in the citizenship of Ukraine;
  • adoption, establishment of custody or guardianship by Ukrainian citizens;
  • one of the child’s parents is a Ukrainian citizen;
  • the establishment or recognition of the fact that the Ukrainian is the parent;
  • other grounds on the basis of international treaties.
  • statement;
  • three photos of 3.5 by 4.5;
  • a declaration on the lack of foreign citizenship, or a written commitment to terminate such citizenship within two years;
  • a copy of the immigration permit or permanent residence permit in Ukraine;
  • certificate on the absence of previous convictions in the home country of a foreign citizen;
  • certificate of marriage in the case of marriage with a citizen of Ukraine;
  • confirmation of the financial situation for the last 6 months or the presence of funds in the bank account;
  • certificate of Ukrainian language proficiency

Despite the relative loyalty on the part of Ukraine, some categories of individuals can not obtain a Ukrainian passport for the following reasons:

  • The foreigner was involved in the facts of genocide, a crime against humanity, inhuman or cruel treatment of people
  • Commitment of a grave or especially grave crime, which was committed on the territory of Ukraine or the native country of the alien.

The term for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship under the law is 1 year, but in some cases the process can be legally speeded up or simplified.

In all these matters, lawyers of PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS will help you. Our long-term experience of cooperation with the migration service of Ukraine gives an opportunity to quickly and surely obtain the citizenship of Ukraine.

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